Aaj Tak TV also the host of the hit Bollywood film

Aaj Tak TV is a Hindi news channel owned by the TV Today Network and part of the Living Media Group. The name “Aaj Tak” literally translates to “Until Today” or “Up to the Minute.” In addition to broadcasting news, it features photo galleries, slideshows and live cricket match updates. It also includes video coverage of political events across the country and around the world. You can download the Aaj Tak TV app to your smartphone or tablet to watch live updates from the channel bintangplus4d.

Aaj Tak TV was founded by Rohit Sardana, a Haryana native and winner of the NT Award, ENBA Award and Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award for Hindi journalism. He had started his career as a radio announcer at All India Radio and later anchored ETV, Sahara Samay and Zee News. He was also the host of the hit Bollywood film, Dangal murah4d.

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