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Techniques for creating a resort style bathroom

The highlight of choosing accommodation for a special holiday The public corner that can be called the most Like is the bathroom. Many people are so enamored with the atmosphere that they are inspired to create a beautiful bathroom. For healing and resting without having to travel to relax at various resorts But building a bathroom to give it a resort vibe. There are building techniques that should be taken into account. And today we will take a look at the details.

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Techniques for creating a resort style bathroom both natural and blind

Resort-style homes are homes that make your home a truly relaxing place to stay. by designing a house that emphasizes nature and the seamless connection of each area From the first step into the house to the bathroom area. Of course, this is a room that requires high privacy. Creating a bathroom that is relaxing and private, there are techniques as follows.

1. Plant a garden in the bathroom.

continuity of the resort atmosphere It is indispensable to have a tree or a small garden. The big garden plants that are selected in this area should be moisture-loving plants, such as ferns, and planted alternately with thick or tall ones to shade from dry zones. such as dragon tongue, spotted beetle, Delhi, besides helping to cover the eyes Privacy is now available. It can also absorb odors in the bathroom as well. But the choice also depends on the appropriateness of the space size.

2. Open Air area

Continuing with landscaping in the bathroom, plants need sunlight to thrive. By choosing the location of the bathroom to open, Open Air should be the most secretive position and can be done with a house with a wide area that is not close to neighbors or higher buildings. Another case if the exposure cannot be 100% due to nearby residents. May put latches for ivy release to camouflage. but still gives the atmosphere of a resort And even though it is an open-air bathroom, it still has to separate usage areas such as hand washing or sanitary ware in the dry zone.

3. Sky Light roof

It is the nature of the leather that is exposed to light only. Can’t open to the wind like Open Air, but the advantage is that it can be rainproof, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of sanitary ware or other materials that some may not tolerate the sun and rain.

The Sky Light roof is mostly tempered glass. The homeowner therefore receives airiness and safety in living. But still have to consider the location of the neighboring area to be far from higher buildings or neighbors for privacy. and may design the house by adding Options from the ordinary Sky Light roof to be able to open and close Sun Loop style to make the house look more chic and design

4. Mirror room

Glass bathrooms are suitable for homes with less space. And relying on the facade or the batten, this type of bathroom is a room that is very private. It could be a bathroom that is in a private bedroom. which is a room that feels more relaxed than other positions Especially if there is a balcony distance between the glass and the facade that can create a small garden. outside for soaking in the view tub Filled with aromatic scents to add to the atmosphere, no matter where star-rated resorts are, they can’t fight to relax comfortably. at home without having to travel at all And even with or without camouflage landscaping distance can choose to use curtains. window film See-through stickers that can only be seen inside You can add privacy in another way.

5. Hanging Ornaments

The last point will be the general style of the living room downstairs. There may or may not be a shower zone. But resort-style houses often open vents for ventilation. and to enhance the resort. Therefore popular with various hangers like a plum to decorate And take advantage of the leaf stalks camouflage in the air vents. for more privacy Not just a hanger that gives continuity of the atmosphere of a resort-style house. The indispensable thing is the floor. If it can be decorated with more pebbles, stones, it will make the atmosphere more relaxing, like going to a foot massage spa.

in making various toilets Whether it is a guest bathroom private bathroom In order to suit the style of the house that wants to relax and unwind, the selection of sanitary ware is also an important part that cannot be discarded, such as a soaking tub, should be chosen with a width and length suitable for the user. Various handle materials If you choose a pattern, roundness or less seams It causes a relaxed mood, smooth flow, not stumble, easy to clean. Because it’s best to take a bath during the holidays. is to sleep in a clean atmosphere without odor and uncleanness


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