The Usability of the 1500W Laser Cutter

If you’re looking for a portable laser cutter, you should consider the Optic portable laser cutter. It folds into an L-shaped apparatus, has interchangeable tables, and uses a high-power laser. In addition to its portable design, this device supports thicker objects.

Optic portable laser cutter

The Optic is a portable laser cutter that uses CNC positioning to cut through avariousmaterials. The machine is excellent for creating designs and artwork on various materials. This tool can help you move from an idea to a finished prototype or product. The machine has a durable machined aluminum body and a built-in protective tinted transparent cover. In addition, it comes with an exhaust and filtration system, which is uncommon for a consumer-grade laser cutter.

The Optic portable laser cutter is currently available on Kickstarter. It boasts a huge work area and is compatible with hundreds of materials. It also comes with a cutting mat that works directly on surfaces. It also features rubber feet to protect the work object from the machine’s blades. Its machined aluminum chassis and folding kinematics system make it a versatile device. It also features filtration and replaceable filters, making it one of the few desktop laser cutters on the market.

It has interchangeable tables

The 1500w laser cutter has interchangeable tables that can be changed depending on the size of the workpiece. The tables have dual guard rails and are 5′ x 10′. The table is equipped with drawers. The control area includes dual emergency-stop buttons, two screens, and a keypad for CNC functions. It also has a safety beacon to inform users of the machine’s status. It is used for various applications, such as medical devices, industrial instruments, and custom metal fabrication.

It folds into an L-shaped apparatus

The 1500w laser cutter has an L-shaped design that channels the airflow around the laser diode. This helps keep the workspace clean. A computer numerical controller controls the laser head. The computer controls the laser beam to make precise cuts in the material. Its adjustable height and adjustable distance from the work surface allow it to cut a variety of materials.

Before operating the laser cutter, it is essential to ensure that it is clean and safe. There should be no debris in the laser’s path, and the user should wear protective eyewear. Laser cutting causes high levels of heat, and improper handling can result in burns. In addition, laser-cut materials produce harmful fumes. You should always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions to avoid these hazards.

It uses a high-power laser

High-power laser machines offer increased cutting speeds and improved edge quality. They are ideal for performance-job shops and high-volume OEM applications. These machines can cut thicker metal parts without dross or additional grinding steps. These high-powered machines also increase the cutting range.

The power capacity of a laser cutter depends on the material being cut. Carbon steel has a limited cut power. However, the higher the power, the faster the cut. The higher the power, the faster the cutting speed, but it also reduces the cutting effect. In most applications, a 1500w laser cutter is adequate. However, if it’s used for complex material, a higher power is necessary.

It is low-maintenance

The main benefit of using a 1500W laser cutter is that it requires little maintenance. Regular cleaning is recommended, and the laser tube should be filled with circulating water. The water temperature affects the service life of the laser tube. Hence, replacing the water tank and cleaning it regularly is essential. Additionally, the focusing lens should be installed with the concave surface facing downward.


If you are unsure how to maintain your laser cutter, you can contact Mazak Service. They provide preventive maintenance plans to help you avoid expensive emergency visits and unscheduled downtime. Moreover, they offer a service contract and can run a comprehensive laser inspection.

The increased power of a laser allows it to cut thicker materials. The power of a 1500w laser also allows it to cut through mild steel and nitrogen. A high-power laser also improves the edge quality of the cut. High-power lasers also reduce the cost-per-part by increasing cutting speed.

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